...are you DIGITAL yet?

On June 12, 2009 WDSC TV-15 was withdrawn from coverage on the ANALOG channel 15 on Bright House Networks' basic cable service.
WDSC is currently carried on Bright House digital cable:
WDSC - Channel 15 and 1050
WDSC ED - Channel 459
WDSC WV - Channel 460

Viewers who already had a digital cable box from Bright House were not affected.

If you do not have digital cable, or a digital cable box, and cannot receive WDSC TV programming, call Bright House customer service. They are offering their subscribers a $1 per month cable converter box which will allow you to watch digital channels.

WDSC can be seen on
Direct TV
Dish Network
and now

WDSC TV can also be seen FREE "Over-The-Air" with an antenna and a digital TV. Depending on the location, you can use an indoor or outdoor antenna and receive 35 channels for free, including HD! You will find the local networks as well as WDSC TV on 3 channels.

In the digital world, these channels are 15-1, 15-2, and 15-3.

15-1 is the main public broadcasting channel in HD.
15-2 is the Daytona State College Education Channel *ED, which includes the Florida Channel Legislative Sessions.
15-3 is  MHz Worldview.

For more information about  free "Over-The-Air" reception, call 386-756-1775

To purchase a digital antenna, check out our sponsor Royal Electronics.

Contact Bright House Networks:
or call Customer Care at 1-888-289-8988

Go Digital with WDSC and watch some great HD programs!

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